Friendly Persuasion: Drafting & Using High-Impact Amicus Briefs

July 31, 2018

I am delighted to have recorded for DRI-The Voice of the Defense Bar an on-demand webinar entitled Friendly Persuasion: Drafting & Using High-Impact Amicus Briefs. The webinar is intended for (i) trade associations, professional organizations, advocacy groups, and individual corporations that are interested in providing Рor that get solicited to provide Рamicus support in appeals involving important legal issues; (ii) outside attorneys and in-house counsel who handle or manage appeals; and (iii) attorneys who are engaged, or would like to be engaged, to draft amicus briefs.

My one-hour webinar covers the following topics:

  • Role of amicus briefs in appellate litigation
  • Soliciting amicus support
  • Amicus brief content & style
  • Rules governing amicus briefs
  • Federal or state government as amicus curiae

To access the webinar, click HERE.