Panel: Handling An Appeal When the Government Is a Party

On May 11,  Larry Ebner, founder of Capital Appellate Advocacy, moderated a panel on “Handling A Civil Appeal When the Government  Is a Party.”  The panel was part of the Appellate Advocacy Seminar sponsored by DRI-The Voice of the Defense Bar in New Orleans.  Panel participants were Mark Chenoweth, General Counsel of the Washington Legal Foundation, and Joel Bertocchi, Partner at Hinshaw  & Culbertson and former Solicitor General of Illinois. The lively session covered topics such as communicating with federal or state government appellate counsel, amicus practice in appeals where the federal government, or a state,  is a party or amicus curiae, and strategies for either opposing or cooperating with the federal government, or a state government, when it is involved in an appeal.

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