Larry Ebner Elevated to Executive Vice President & General Counsel of Atlantic Legal Foundation

I am delighted that at today’s 2021 Annual Meeting, the Atlantic Legal Foundation’s Board of Directors elevated me to the position of Executive Vice President & General Counsel.  During the past 8 months it has been a professional and personal pleasure to conduct the Foundation’s long-renowned amicus curiae program, as well as continuing my independent appellate litigation practice at Capital Appellate Advocacy. During this short period of time, I have authored 6 Supreme Court amicus briefs on behalf of the Foundation on a variety of important and challenging issues involving one of more of the Foundation’s mission areas: individual liberty, free enterprise, protection of property rights, limited and efficient government, sound science in judicial and regulatory proceedings, and school choice.

I have had the great benefit of working closely with the Foundation’s Chairman & President, Dan Fisk, and interacting with its distinguished Board of Directors and Advisory Council. I also am very grateful to Joe Hollingsworth, whom I have known since were associates at the same small firm more than 45 years ago, for recommending me to the Foundation.  In addition, we are teaming with Nick Kosar of Open Road Digital to upgrade the Foundation’s website, including by making its archive of amicus briefs more readily accessible.

The Atlantic Legal Foundation was established in 1977.  It is an outstanding, nonprofit, nationwide, public interest law firm, and I am so proud to be serving the Foundation and its many supporters!

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