My Appointment as Chair of the DRI Center for Law & Public Policy

I am delighted that DRI President Lana A. Olson has appointed me as Chair of the Center for Law & Public Policy-“The Voice of the Civil Defense Bar.” The Center serves DRI and its 14,000 members as that voluntary bar association’s think tank and advocacy voice.

I look forward to working during the next 2 years with The Center’s leadership, including Vice Chair John Guttmann; Amicus Committee Chair Matthew Nelson; Legislative & Rules Chair James McCrystal; Public Policy Chair John C.S. Pierce; President Philip Willman; Board Liaison Douglas Burrell; Center Director Jay Ludlam; DRI COO & GC Sean Dolan; DRI CEO Dean Martinez; and many other outstanding attorneys.

I also want to thank former DRI Executive Director John R. Kouris for appointing me to the Amicus Committee more than a decade ago, and then to serve as The Center’s vice chair. Thanks also to Mike Weston who first introduced me to DRI 15 years ago.

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