Larry Ebner Is Celebrating His 3rd Anniversary As An Independent Appellate Advocate

September 3, 2019

I opened my appellate litigation boutique, Capital Appellate Advocacy PLLC, on September 1, 2016. Practicing law as an independent professional has been extraordinarily fulfilling. During the past three years I have been able to focus on clients’ needs and problems in a highly personalized, hands-on way – and apply the legal experience, skills, and knowledge I have gained during the past 47 years – without the institutional pressures imposed by “Big Law.” I also now am free to help advance the legal profession by devoting as much time as I am able to activities such as professional writing and speaking. Who knew that solo-practice can be so enjoyable!

Please double-click below to view an enlarged version of my anniversary infographic!

Larry Ebner 3rd Anniversary Infographic for Capital Appellate Advocacy

I want to thank Nick Kosar at MarketKulture Consultancy for helping me create this infographic in recognition of Capital Appellate Advocacy’s third anniversary.