DRI-The Voice of the Defense Bar in the U.S. Supreme Court

Under the leadership and with the guidance of Executive Director John Kouris, DRI continues to be the voice of the civil defense bar in the Supreme Court of the United States. Congratulations to Matt Nelson and Zach Chaffee-McClure on becoming Chair and Vice of DRI’s Amicus Committee, which reviews the steady stream of requests that DRI receives for amicus support, and whose members draft most of DRI’s amicus briefs.

As Immediate Past Chair, I look forward to continuing to work with Matt and Zach, and fellow Amicus Committee members David Axelrad, Linda Coberly, Jerry Ganzfried, William Jay,Mary Massaron, Scott Burnett Smith, and Rob Wise, each of whom is an outstanding appellate attorney. Thanks also to Jay Ludlam, DRI’s Editor In Chief, who coordinates the Amicus Committee’s activities.

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