Capital Appellate Advocacy Now a Member of INBLF

lawrence ebner attorney member INBLF

I am pleased to announce that Capital Appellate Advocacy PLLC has been admitted to the International Network of Boutique & Independent Law Firms.  The INBLF  is a network of highly credentialed, single-discipline boutique law firms.  We are the INBLF’s only appellate litigation firm in Washington, D.C.

From the INBLF website:  The INBLF is not an organization a lawyer or law firm can join by paying a fee. The INBLF carefully reviews the qualifications each potential member and invites only those who represent the highest level of knowledge, experience, and reputation to join. Each member carries credentials comparable or superior to what can be found at the highest-ranking full-service firms, without the insulating layers of intermediate attorneys between the client and the lawyer, and without the concomitant exorbitant billing rates.  

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