Larry Ebner Presentations / Webinars (since 2008) 

January 1, 2000

(Materials available upon request)

○  Moderator, The U.S. Supreme Court: How Free Enterprise Fared in October Term 2018, Washington Legal Foundation (July 2019)

○  Moderator, You Too Can Be a Supreme Court Practitioner:  Redefining “The Supreme Court Bar,” DRI Appellate Advocacy Seminar (July 2019)

○ Interview, Larry Ebner on Executive Leaders Radio (November 2018)

○ Webinar, Friendly Persuasion: Drafting and Using High-Impact Amicus Briefs, DRI-The Voice of the Defense Bar (June 2018)

○  Moderator, The Economics of Appellate Practice: Surviving, and Hopefully Thriving, as an Appellate Litigator, DRI Appellate Advocacy Seminar (March 2018)

○   Moderator, Handling an Appeal When the Government is a Party, DRI Appellate Advocacy Seminar (May 2017)

○   Panelist, Strategic Use of Amicus Briefs in Appellate Advocacy, Strafford Publications (October 2017)

○   Panelist, Making Strategic Use of Amicus Briefs, Strafford Publications (April 2016)

○   Lead Panelist, The End of the Road for Implied Certification Under the False Claims Act?,  Dentons US LLP & Professional Services Council (March 2016)

○   Panelist, Winning Private Damages Suits Stemming From Federal Services Contracts, Professional Services Council (Nov. 2015)

○   Panelist, Guns for Hire: The Legal, Policy, and Ethical Implications of the  Growing Reliance upon Military Contractors, American University-Washington  School of Law National Security Law Brief Symposium (May 2015)

○   Panelist, Government Contractor Liability for Injuries and Deaths in Combat  Zones, Int’l Air & Transportation Safety Bar Ass’n (Nov. 2014)

○   Panelist, Public Policy, State Legislation, and Preemption Issues, Briefing: So You Want to Be in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Business . . . Everything You Need to Know, McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP (June 2014)

○   Panelist, Battle Space Contractor Preemption and Tort Defense at the Supreme Court, Battle Space & Contingency Procurements Committee, ABA Section of   Public Contract Law (June 2014)

○   Moderator, Making Sense of Federal Preemption, Annual Judicial Symposium, Nat’l Foundation for Judicial Excellence (July 2013)

○   Moderator, Interacting Effectively With the Government When It’s Involved In Your Case, Appellate Advocacy Seminar, DRI-The Voice of the Defense Bar (June 2012)

○   Panelist, AEP v. Connecticut: Will the U.S. Supreme Court Shape the Future of Climate Change Litigation?, Bureau of National Affairs Webinar (April 2011)

○   Panelist, The Role of State and Federal Courts in Federal Preemption Cases, Annual Judicial Symposium, Nat’l Foundation For Judicial Excellence (July 2009)

○   Conference Chair, Congress vs. The StatesThe Explosive Debate Over Who Gets To Regulate Your Business, McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP (June 2008)